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Just provide the basic information about the dealerships, your main points of contact, and you will be up and running in no time.

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We have approval rates to match your dealer’s customer history. As long as Anchored Finance’s team is reviewing the most accurate vehicle, applicant and loan information we can make a commitment to fund within minutes.

Payment Schedule?

Anchored Finance does its part to create an easy payment cycle, making sure every customer has accurate terms to meet they’re credit profiles. Payments are to be made monthly and can be made online, phone, or mail.

Is there a help line?

You can reach the Anchored team by calling (860) 454-8114.

How to make payments

Online - Pay your bill online, 24/7, only requiring basic checking/savings account info.
Phone - Payments can be made using your basic card info calling into (860) 454-8114.
ByMail - Mail payments to 45 Industrial Park Road West Tolland, CT 06084y.

Trade in/Re-fi

Anchored does not offer terms for any Trade-ins or Refi.